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Why choose Turkey for dental veneers?

- Much cheaper than the UK and Europe even with hotel flights!

- High-quality Swiss brand

- 15 years warranty with free repairs!


We are known to be the best Veneers clinic in Turkey having performed dental work for the Turkish Government.  Our dental team perform Jaw surgery and Jaw reconstruction as well as cosmetic dentistry for over 20 years.

Veneers are designed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the teeth by making them perfectly white, shaped and contoured to your desired style. We call this a smile makeover. We use swiss or German grade veneers and provide a 15 year guarantee for all our patients. During the procedure your dentist will put a local anaesthetic into your gums and begin filing down your teeth.  Once the teeth are filed your dentist will apply temporary teeth covers so that you do not experience any pain once the air hits your teeth. You will go back to your hotel and the technician will begin making your veneers one by one according to your desired style. You will have multiple fittings trials and we will continue to edit the veneers until you are happy with them. Once you have decided you are happy we will fit the teeth on to the filed ones and your smile makeover will be completed. The entire process will take 7 days. Our personal chauffeur will drive you to all of your appointments and also we will provide your airport transfers.

Smile makeover Turkey:

Our veneers packages come in minimum of 6 veneers. These can be:

Porcelain veneers – these are the most cost - effective option and are made of porcelain

Zirconium Veneers - Zirconia veneers are a type of ceramic material known as zirconia oxide. They are used to make full or partial crowns for restoring a damaged tooth. What is Zirconium Tooth Coating?

Zirconium, which is already mostly used in dental making and consists of a white substance, is taken from pure mineral form and converted into a material called zirkonya ceramics. After this transformation is completed, zirconium processed in private furnaces is a metal unsupported coating. The fact that it does not contain metal in it makes zirconium coating teeth much more reliable, aesthetic, tooth-compatible and long-lasting. Likewise, another reason that zirconium is one of the most natural looking coatings today is that it does not contain metal in it.

What are the advantages of Zirconium Veneers?

There are many advantages to choosing zirconium veneers as a dental coating:

  •  Zirconium dental coating is currently known as one of the most natural and realistic coating types in the dentistry sector. Zirconium coating, which appeals to patients who have hesitations in coating their teeth, especially due to aesthetic concerns, reveals a natural and realistic image that does not indicate that it is almost coating.
  • Zirconium tooth coating consists of a simple design. Ceramic components fitted after application offer the patient the promise of long-lasting use as they do not carry any risk of exit or slip.
  • There are a lot of people allergic to metal, but since there is no metal in zirconium, there is no possibility of creating a metal allergy reaction. Zirconium, a type of coating that can easily be preferred by those allergic to metal and similar components, is one of the most important coating materials recommended in such sensitivities.
  • Zirconium coatings are incredibly strong and durable.

E max Veneers- These are the most expensive and have a glass-like appearance

Gold & Platinum Veneers – These are made of Gold or Platinum depending on choice and can be easily placed once the tooth has been filed down.

You will be able to select the shade of white, the shape and size you would like for your veneers.  The whitest shade we offer is Hollywood white.

What are Veneers?, What are the varieties?

Dental coating/ Veneers is a dental treatment method that is applied when severe erosion, wear or tooth decay occurs on the teeth. Dental coating treatment is mostly carried out through three different alternatives: metal-assisted porcelain, zirconium porcelain and full ceramic porcelain. One of the most important advantages of Veneers is that it significantly extends the life of the tooth. Of course, the fact that it has positive results from an aesthetic point of view is another advantage of dental veneerstreatments. If you have discomfort problems in your teeth both aesthetically and want to prolong the life of your teeth and make them more durable, it is possible to choose dental Veneers treatment.

There are three different varieties of dental coating application as we have just mentioned: porcelain tooth coating with metal bottom structure, zirconium tooth coating and full ceramic dental coating. Porcelain tooth coating application is known as a dental coating method obtained from porcelain and designed to cover your original teeth. Specially designed and personally produced porcelain teeth for each tooth represent a natural tooth appearance and consist of high-quality material. However, porcelain coating teeth, which cause a natural and aesthetic appearance in the teeth, are a common coating method for a quality smile design.

Another dental coating application is zirconium. Zirconium teeth help you to have an aesthetic and natural mouth and tooth image almost as much as porcelain teeth. In fact, some argue that zirconium teeth have a more natural and realistic coating image than full porcelain teeth. Dental aesthetics have reached a different point with the use of zirconium, and with the use of much more advanced technologies, the process of smile design has become realistic, natural and ultra cosmetic. Now, let's take a closer look at what zirconium tooth coating is and how it's done.

How much are veneers in Turkey?

We have packages for :

10 Veneers & 20 Veneers, the more you get the cheaper the price will be. Contact one of our dental team to book yourself in. 


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