Facial Feminization Surgery

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About Treatment

Length of Stay 7 Days
Stay in hospital

1 days and 1 nights

Surgery Duration 1 hour
Anesthesia General
Recovery 14 Days
Stitches Required – Dissolvable
Drains Not required

Facial feminization surgery Turkey

Facial Feminization can be performed for all sorts of reasons. We especially perform this surgery for our gender transitioning patients. Facial feminization can be combined with other facial procedures this will become clearer in your initial consultation. We will make a  surgical plan that is tailored to meet your desired results. The aim of the surgery is to mould the facial features into a more petit and feminine appearance. Some patients want more natural looking results whilst others require barbie doll like results.


What is included in FFS surgery?


What is the cost of facial feminization surgery (FFS)in Turkey

The cost of Facial feminization can vary depending on the exact procedures you are due to have. There are also frequent promotions. Contact our team for a package price


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