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About Treatment

Length of Stay 5 Days
Stay in hospital

Not Requied

Surgery Duration 1 hours

local unless combined with surgeries that require general


7 days  

Stitches Required – Dissolvable
Drains Not Required



Ear pinning surgery in Turkey

Otoplasty surgery is the art of correcting irregularities and deformities of the ear. The most common of these is ear pinning surgery. Some patients often complain of ears that protrude and stick out much further than they would like them to. For this we simply pin back the ears in just an hour and the results are ears that are tucked away. There is no scarring for this procedure.


How is otoplasty surgery done?

Your surgeon will tape the hair back and clean the ears with betadine and medication to stop bleeding. The local anaesthesia is given by lidocaine injection and the surgeon will begin the incision behind the ear once the patient is completely numb. The cartilage is then shaved and shaped before stitching the ear back. The surgeon will often pin the ears back further than desired because some of the ear will bounce back after surgery. Patients can go home / back to their hotel the same day.



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