Gluteal Implant

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About Treatment

Length of Stay 10 Days
Stay in hospital

 2 days and 2 nights

Surgery Duration 2-3 hours
Anesthesia General

10 days  ( 4 weeks for swelling to start to go down)

Stitches Required – Dissolvable
Drains Required

Butt implants in Turkey:
This is a surgery that not every surgeon can perform, it requires great accuracy and skill.  Here at Aspro Atlantic we are home to the best plastic surgeon for butt Implants in Turkey. With 25 years experience our surgeon has been performing buttock implants since they came out. They have become ever more popular since 2016 and we have had many successful operations with this surgery from patients all over the world. This is why we are the best clinic for plastic surgery in Turkey.

How are butt implants performed?
Buttock implants should never  be placed over the glute muscle (gluteus maximus), they will move out of place and this is why they can slide down or even flip. The safest and only place to insert them is in between the gluteus maximus muscle. We like to do this with two separate incisions inbetween the midline of the buttocks. Once you are asleep we will begin an incision into the crease of the buttock until we reach the muscle. The muscle will be split open at 4cm deep so we can create a nice pocket for the implant. We will soak the implants in antibiotic fluid and also wash out the pocked with antibiotic fluid before placing the implant and closing the pocket with stitches and then closing the skin.

How big can I get my implants?
This is a very important question and you should always consult with your surgeon. It is not safe to go too big at first if your skin cannot stretch that far as the stitches may open and the implant may get infected leading ultimately to removal.

How much are butt implants In Turkey?
We always advise that though buttock implants are a little costly, it is important to remember the quality of the implant and ideally paying to get it done once, the proper way. We always have deals and promotions including fast booking discounts. Contact one of our team for a quote.

What is the best brand of butt implants?
The best brand to use is Polytech. This is a German brand and is proven never to rupture. The makers have tested this implant by driving a car over it and the implant does not give way. This is why our choice of implant is always Polytech. We provide our patients with the boxes and serial numbers  after surgery.


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