Brazilian butt lift

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About Treatment

Length of Stay 7 Days
Stay in hospital

 1 day and 1 night

Surgery Duration 3 hours
Anesthesia General

10 days  ( 4 weeks for swelling to start to go down)

Stitches Required – Dissolvable
Drains Not required


BBL in Turkey

What is a Brazilian Butt lift?

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is performed by injecting unwanted fat taken by liposuction into the buttocks to create more volume and projection to the buttocks. The surgeon will begin with the liposuction procedure removing fat from unwanted areas. We also use the liposculpture method to shape the waistline to achieve an hourglass figure. The removed fat will then be purified and separated into good fat forms and prepared into syringes which will then be injected into the buttocks.

Most patients are satisfied after 2 sessions of BBL surgery.  It is possible to combine the surgery with other surgeries such as buttock implants, Tummy tuck and Breast Implants.


Brazilian Butt lift in Turkey

Although BBL is very popular in the USA, Turkey has become the most popular destination in the Mediterranean and European region for this surgery. At Aspro Atlantic our surgeons have trained, and teach this procedure in the USA to some of the best plastic surgeons in the world.


Cost of BBL in Turkey

So how much is a BBL in Turkey? Brazilian butt lifts are affordable in Turkey compared to other parts of the world. It is important not to compromise your health and drop the quality of your surgeon. At Aspro Atlantic we provide package deals for BBL with one free small area of liposuction! Contact our team and a member of staff will answer you as quickly as possible!


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