Male breast reduction

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About Treatment

Length of Stay 7 Days
Stay in hospital

 1 day and 1 night

Surgery Duration 2 hours
Anesthesia General

10 days  

Stitches Required – Dissolvable
Drains Required


Male Breast reduction

 Male breast reduction in Turkey

Male breast reduction, also known as Gynecomastiais a surgery targeted at enlarged male breasts

It is performed by removing the excess glandular tissue and fat, the results is a  firm, flat and masculine chest. The surgery time for this procedure is about 2 hours.  Your surgeon and anaesthesia team will induce you into a sleep using anaesthesia. There are two ways to perform this surgery; one is with liposuction – to remove the excess fat, the second is an excision of excess glandular tissue. Liposuction is used where the patient has excess fatty tissue, and excision is used where the patient has excess glandular tissue. All humans have glandular tissue in their breasts, gynecomastia is an overgrowth of these glands that causes over grown breasts in male candidates.  In some cases we will perform both excision and liposuction for best results. After the procedure the patient will have dressings over the area and will experience some swelling and soreness. We always provide the appropriate pain relief to ensure our patients recover smoothly in their hospital rooms whilst watching Tv or reading a book perhaps.

Do I need a gynecomastia?

Ideal candidates for Gynecomastia: 

  • Males who are distressed about their chest appearance and feel it is too large
  • Sagging folds on the chest area of men
  • If you have low self esteem and struggle to wear t- shirts and polos
  • If you feel uncomfortable in swimwear as a male due to being conscious about your chest
  • If you have  recently lost weight or had bariatric surgery and suffer with loose skin

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