Dental Implants

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What is a dental implant ?

Dental implants are surgical screws made of titanium  affixed to the jaw bone in order to hold a crown or bridge to fill a missing tooth gap. They require two visits. Your first visit will entail  having the screws inserted (osteointegration). Once the screws have been inserted, the gum will need 3 months to heal after which you can return to have the crown fitted over the screws.

The implant is used to treat missing teeth and is placed inside the jawbone. Tooth replacement is placed on these screws. The advantage of implant treatment to other treatments is not damaging to neighbouring teeth. So neighbouring teeth don't have to be removed or filed. The implant acts as the root of the tooth and you can easily eat, talk and laugh, much like natural teeth.

Who can be a good candidate for dental implant treatment?

Implant treatment is applied to individuals over the age of 18 who have completed the development of the jaw and face. Prior to treatment, it is determined by x-rays whether the jaw structure is suitable for the implant. Diabetic patients should have the disease in order before treatment. Blood thinners are discontinued before treatment. Those with bone melting can be treated for implants after receiving appropriate treatment.

How are dental implants done?

Implant treatment is performed by giving the patient a slight sedation. Detailed examination and X-ray scan are required before the procedure. The jaw bones and remaining teeth are measured. There are two options for placing dental implants. After the implant is inserted in a single-stage procedure, the temporary head is inserted. In the two-stage procedure, after inserting a dental implant, it is covered with gum and left to heal. Prosthetic heads are then attached. In both cases, a temporary bridge is placed and a recovery process is expected for the lower jaw for 3 months and six months for the upper jaw. Sometimes the teeth that are made on dental implants can be inserted immediately. With dental implant, the patient can laugh safely and eat.

Zirconium implants are a new generation of implants made to increase the resistance of titanium implants. It is especially used to increase endurance in the narrow jawbone. Titanium is no different except for durability.

Zirconium is also used in dental coating.  Zirconium is white near the natural tooth and reflects light. Therefore, it is also aesthetically useful as well as durability. It does not wear and does not leave a taste of metal in the mouth. Color changes do not occur over time. It doesn't hurt the body.


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