Fue Hair transplant Turkey

Follicular hair extraction (FUE) on the day of your surgery, your surgeon and hair transplantation team will analyse your hair follicles and decide where to take donor hair. They will discuss the desired hairline with you and it will be drawn according to your desire

Hair transplantation is carried out by a team of 4 people under operating room conditions in a private hospital with sterile conditions. The important thing here is to equate hair in operating rooms containing special purification systems such as asepsis antisepsis, etc., which provide sterile surgery requirements in the hospital.

Step 1 in hair transplantation. :

Your photos are taken and your hair is shortened to number 1 with special shaving machines and prepared for local anaesthesia. Then, with local anaesthesia specific to hair transplantation, you are prepared for fue plus hair transplantation without pain.

Step 2. In hair transplantation:

Genetically encoded to avoid spillage, the two three-way hair pins are fed and held in special solutions using microsurgical punches that are specially developed from each clinic specially developed from the encrypted area, which is below the upper limit of 2 ears, which are coded not to be spilled. The microsurgery punch used here is completely personalized. Hair follicles ranging from 0.6 cm to 1cm in diameter can be used for hair follicles and personalized punches. In this context, the important thing in fue hair transplantation center where you go is not how thin microsurgery punch is used, but how smoothly unbroken and dense hair follicle is taken, i.e. graft. 5000 hair follicles, i.e. up to 5000 graft hair transplantation can be performed in a session in Fue Hair Transplantation.

Step 3 on hair transplantation:

This stage is the drawing and determination of the hairline, which is one of the most important issues that shows quality natural and intensive hair transplantation in hair transplantation in the front area of your hair due to the drawing of the operation plan and algorithm from your first-stage photos.

Step 4 in hair transplantation:

This stage is the stage that will allow you to have hair that you can scan in any direction you want after planting, whether right, left, front or back.

Step 5 of hair transplantation:

It is the process of placing individual hair follicles collected in the opened hair ducts. It is the last stage of meticulous lytifying and intensive work to jump any hair canal and avoid the wrong.

6 in hair transplantation. Phase:

After your hair is cleaned with special lotions, the information you need to do after hair transplantation is explained and your special forms are presented. You can go back to your hotel with your hair bandaged


Hair Transplantation candidates

  • Hair loss due to burns due to surgical traces
  • Male pattern hair loss
  • Congenital (Nativity) local hair loss


Before the operation:

Do not take Aspirin vitamin B and E  for 5 days before your surgery

Do not smoke or take alcohol 5 days before

Get a good night’s rest

Wear comfortable clothes


Advantages of Fue hair Technique

No  scarring or stitches, allowing you to wear your hair short

Looks natural

Only the healthy and strong follicles are transplanted

Less pain and potentially no missed days of work

Initial healing takes only 5 days

Sport activities can be resumed after one week


How much is FUE hair transplant in Turkey?

The cost of FUE hair transplant can be given as a package if you kindly contact one of our team who will be happy to help.


DHI hair transplant Turkey

DHI technique is a form of FUE method and the only difference is the method of the hair transplantation, which is applied by removing the beard and chest hair follicles. This is done withspecially -made FUE needles with  diameters of 0.7 – 0.8mm, placed in hair pen and direct hair transplantation under the skin, which will be carried out in the desired direction.

Since the hair is planted directly by pen, there is no bleeding in any way and the other yesterday washing process can be performed. Within 3 - 5 days, the healing process is completed.


DHI Hair Transplantation Advantages:

  •   Female hair transplant without shaving the hair
  •   No cutting
  •   No stitches
  •   More tissue transfer
  •   No hair cutting in women's transplantation


How much is DHI Hair transplant in Turkey?

The cost of DHI hair transplant in Turkey is very affordable compared to Europe. Contact our admin team with your photos and complaints so that we can provide you with a quote.



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