Gastric Sleeve/ Diabetes

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About Treatment

Length of stay 7 nights
Hospital Stay 4 nights
Operation duration 2-3hours
Anesthesia General              
Stitches Required

Gastric sleeve surgery is a surgery designed to encourage weight loss. It is Performed on those with a high Body mass index (BMI) – above 38. The stomach is excised and made smaller to only allow the patient to Consume small amounts of foods and therefore weight loss begins. Naturally, patients with a high BMI will fall under a high risk of Diabetes type 2 category or may already have it. Luckily Turkey Has developed a surgery named Transit bipartition which can be combined With the sleeve surgery to prevent and also get rid of diabetes type2. We conduct thorough checks before we perform the surgery And require a total stay of 10 days. 5nights will be spent in hospital And you will be given a diet plan, nutritious vitamins and shakes to Restore your health and give your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy And strong. A team of highly experienced nurses and doctors will be checking on you every 15minuites and will ease you slowly back into eating under our medical guidance.

I have/I am at risk of diabetes type 2 how do I get rid of it ?

If you are an at- risk patient or already have diabetes type 2, please ask one of our team for a transit bipartition to be included in your surgery providing your checkup permits

When should I consider gastric sleeve surgery?

You may want to consider gastrectomy if you:

  • Are 100Ibs overweight
  • Have health issues due to your weight
  • Have diabetes type2
  • Have been told liposuction is not enough

How much Is Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey? :

The price for Gastricsleeve surgery changes in Turkey, at Aspro Atlantic we are priced slightly above market rates due to thorough due diligence as we always put your health before everything. Contact our team for a quote. If you have had a failed bypass or sleeve in the past contact our team about a StomaphyX surgery.



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