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For Male transitioning to females we require 2 years of hormone therapy with a full psycological report from your psychiatrist and a report from your endocrinologist. For most patients, the reason for undergoing SRS surgery is to match their gender to their ‘ true gender’ which Is what they feel emotionally. We have a specialised team of professors who are pro SRS with many years of experience and high success rates. The transition process involves: Penectomy (removal of penis) and orchiectomy (removal of the testes), which is then followed by Creation of a vagina (Vaginoplasty) or a feminizing genitoplasty. You will require 5 night hospital stay and will be provided with aftercare instructions. Hormone therapy plays a large role in the gender transition process because the purpose of hormone therapy is to change the physical appearance into that of the desired gender.

Changes to the body from oestrogen include:

  •  Breast development
  •  Loss of erection
  •  Shrinkage of testicles
  •  Decreased acne
  •  Decreased facial and body hair
  •  Decreased muscle mass and strength
  •  Softer and smoother skin
  •  Slowing of balding
  •  Redistribution of fat from abdomen to the hips, thighs, and buttocks

Typically combined with:

  •  Facial feminization
  •  Breast implants
  •  Adams Apple shaving
  •  Buttock implants/ Brazilian Butt lift
  •  Jaw surgery
  •   Brow lift
  •   Female hairline creation
  •   Lip augmentation

How much is SRS surgery in Turkey?

SRS MTF can range  depending on whether or not it will be combined with mastectomy.



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