Facial implants

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About Treatment

Length of Stay 7 Days
Stay in hospital

1 days and 1 nights

Surgery Duration 1 hour
Anesthesia General
Recovery 14 Days
Stitches Required – Dissolvable
Drains Not required

Facial Implants are used to enhance, correct and contour the features on our face. They can be placed in the chin, cheeks Temple and Jaw (jawl implant) . At Aspro Atlantic our plastic surgeon has performed Temple implants on Hollywood star Hanna Malek.

Chin implant:Some patients complain that their chin is too far back compared to their nose. Chin implants are placed through the lower lip into the chin to enhance the chin and give a much more contoured appearance to the face. The procedure takes about 40 minutes.

Malar Cheek implants: These are inserted from inside the cheeks and give a high cheek bones appearance. Recover is 3 weeks .

Temple implants:  Temple hollowing can be a sign of ageing. In other cases patients require wider foreheads to make their faces more masculine. Forehead implants can also be placed in the middle of the forehead to bring the forehead more forward if it is too flat. Implants can also correct bumps and irregularities of the forehead. The implants are inserted from the hairline incision.

Jawl implants: The jaw will need to be prepared for surgery which may include bone grafting. These are inserted on the jawline through the gumline to create a contoured jawline.

How much are facial implants in Turkey?

The cost of these implants vary depending on sizes and branding, please contact our team who will gladly advise you with packages. 


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